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We are Eastern Europe based outsourcing company who believes in great software

Our Values


Best Quality

We write clean, scalable and testable code, easy to maintain, refactor or expand for new features.


One of our main priorities is to create a software that works exactly as you would expect it to work, so we pay a lot of attention to testing our code and fixing any issues at the development stage preventing bugs in the production software.

Delivery in a timely manner

We understand how important it is for our clients to deliver their products in time and we do our best to help them.

About Us


soft-rexis is an Eastern Europe based software development agency who believes in great products. We provide consulting services as well as outsourcing and outstaffing. Our main expertise is native and cross-platform mobile development as well as blockchain. We are a team of highly motivated professionals who care about project quality and our clients’ success.


About company

Looking for a professional team to take care of your project and make its success their main priority? Need a partner to improve your product’s market position? Using modern software development methodologies (like Scrum, Lean Startup and others), we will bring your idea to life and make it shine among others.

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Our Services


We have a solid technical background and a good knowledge of object-oriented principles, programming languages, design patterns, project methodology and processes.

iOS Development

Our team of experienced native iOS developers will make sure your iOS app provides the best user experience ever and will leave your users happy and satisfied.

Back-End Development

Worried about your data? Not sure if your database would not be hacked? Wondering if your production server is down or not? Leave these concerns to our team of professionals. We will make sure your data is safe while you are thinking about your project strategy.

Android development

Our team has more than 5 years of android development expertise. We keep track of all the newest development approaches and techniques resulting in great code quality and amazing user experience.

Flutter Development

We believe in great cross-platform software, that is why we work with tools that produce high-quality apps like Google's newly released Flutter framework


The UI/UX is one of the core parts of your project. If your app looks good and is comfortable to use it has very high chances of being liked by millions of users around the world. That is why we are so focused on our design team work quality and do our best to improve it.

Web Development

It is hard to imagine a modern business without a good-looking website. We take care of a complete website creation cycle - from the idea and design to a production-ready software!



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Our Team


Rostyslav Stakhiv

Co-Founder, Mobile Team Lead

Bohdan Shlikhutka

Co-Founder, Back-End Tech Lead

Anna Zelinska


Mykola Tymchak

Back-End Developer


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