This program is designed to communicate and discuss issues of emigration, employment, housing, education abroad.

Authorization in the application.

Users log in via the social network Facebook or Google+. Everything is as simple and convenient as possible.

Sections of the application.

After authorizing the application, the following sections are available to the user:

  • Question, that is, a list of all questions and messages of users;
  • Incoming, where the questions (messages) in which the user participates or those he has created are displayed;
  • Options where you can leave feedback and authorize in the application.

Search system and filters.

There is a system for searching questions (replies) and answers, as well as a filter system where questions (posts) can be filtered by category and city.

Notification system on your mobile phone.

When a user participates in a discussion of a given question (post), when new answers are received, he will receive a notification on his mobile phone less


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